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Museum in a site remembrance

Autor: Violetta Rezler-Wasielewska

Liczba stron: 64

Miejsce i rok wydania: Opole 2017

Oprawa: miękka

ISBN: 978-83-61801-28-3

Język: angielski

Cena 17,00 PLN

The guide, and at the same time the exhibition which accompanies to and whose content it reflects, presents the institution created in the place where in 1939-1945 was in operation one of the largest camp complexes in Europe – Stalags of Lamsdorf. About 300,000 prisoners-of-war of various nationalities passed through it. It is also a place with a complicated history, which has its origins in the 1860s and goes beyond 1945 year. The publication presents those stages of history of the Site National Remembrance Site in Łambinowice and also what makes the place today. There are also described various aspects of the museum's work in the scope of collecting, protecting and access to unique collections of the institution as well carried out scientific research and broadly understood issues of two prisoner-of-war systems – the German and Soviet ones, in particular the fate of Polish prisoners-of-war in these systems.

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