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Captivity in British Uniforms. Stalag VIII B (344) Lamsdorf

Author: Anna Wickiewicz

Number of pages: 152

Place and year of publishing: Opole 2018

Binding: integrated

ISBN: 978-83-61801-33-7

Language: eng

Price 40,00 PLN

The work is the third publication in a new book series of the Museum called Lamsdorf Prisoner of War which is dedicated to presentation of the Allied POWs who were detained in one of the largest camps ran by the Wehrmacht in Europe during World War II. The publication in a synthetic way brings the fate of almost 48 thousand soldiers in the British uniforms for whom Stalag VIII B (344) Lamsdorf was the site of their biggest concentration. They themselves were the third most prominent army group of POWs due to their unparalleled national, ethnic and religious diversity, as well relatively the most privileged position among all prisoners-of-war in the German POW system. In Lamsdorf they managed to create an efficiently functioning self-government POW organization, one of the best POW hospitals in Germany, undertook brave escapes, developed religious, cultural and educational life and sports activities. The text is written in an understandable language and varied with photographs which mostly so far have not been published.

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